Pub Crawls in Lyon: we know the best bars in Lyon.

For know, you can find some nice self guided pub crawls here. You can organise your own pub crawl through some of the coolest areas in Lyon, by using our custom Google Maps. Let us know how it was!

  1. Pub crawl in Vieux Lyon: In the old town you will find some great little pubs and hidden clubs.
  2. Pub crawl on the Pentes de Croix-Rousse: The slopes of Croix-Rousse are very hip at the moment and new places open up all the time.
  3. Pub crawl across the Rhone: You will find some great local bars in the university area across the Rhone. Great when you are staying around here.

Self Guided Pub Crawl in Vieux Lyon

Vieux Lyon is filled with some nice Irish pubs and local bars.

Self Guided Pub Crawl in Lyon on the Pentes de Croix-Rousse

This pub crawl starts on top of Croix-Rousse hill. Croix-Rousse is a fairly hip area and new bars are popping up here all the time. You will walk down the slopes, where you will find many great bars and clubs. All these places are great! Let us know how it was!

Self Guided University Pub Crawl in Lyon

If you are interested in discovering the night life in the university area, go to some of these places. I guarantee you, you will not find any tourists here and these pubs and wine bars are really lovely.